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Crop washing

In vegetable processing, the majority of wastewater is generated from washing crops, but recycled water can be used effectively to help reduce operating costs so long as water quality is monitored and maintained. Organic material has the potential to create contamination and the 2005 WHO guidelines provide a framework for wastewater use in crop production and washing.

Clean Water International’s Merlin system can monitor and measure water quality, reducing water consumption and increasing wastewater usage to improve production and return on investment.

Clean Water International works with a leading crop washing and packing company which supplies UK supermarkets. As the business is located in a remote rural area, access to clean water and wastewater disposal was problematic, but Clean Water International’s Merlin system enables the company to clean and sterilise wastewater for reuse. Following a vigorous ultra-filtration process, water is exposed to intense ultra violet radiation before being dosed with chlorine dioxide and delivered to a 24/7 water supply system.

Overall, the crop washing company was able to reduce operating costs by more than £5k per week, and create a sustainable production process.


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