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Pig farming

The UK’s high welfare pig farming industry is revered around the world. Yet research demonstrates the importance clean water makes at the weaning stage, to create a healthy, profitable food chain.

Clean Water International’s innovative Merlin nipple-based system facilitates the controlled methods of indoor breeding, with the animal welfare benefits of an outdoor setting.

Using Clean Water International’s Merlin dosing system with Brenntag’s Clorious2 and Neubacid SM, pigs’ drinking water becomes a controllable contributor to the animals’ health, disease control and wellbeing. Field studies have demonstrated improved, consistent weight gain, plus earlier breeding success.

Improved weaning

Until 10 weeks, a pig is unable to produce significant levels of acid, and consumption of pathogens in water can create gut health problems. The stresses of weaning can upset the balance of intestinal microflora and affect gastrointestinal functions.

In two tests of 1,200 pigs, Clean Water International’s automated dosing of Brenntag’s Neubacid SM and Clorious2 to nipple-fed water during the 21 days following weaning provided significant improvements in stock management. In comparison to ten control groups, the pigs receiving the controlled drinking water were 1.7kg heavier with a 1.9 per cent improvement in feed efficiency.

Additionally, separate tests have shown that pigs receiving controlled nipple-fed water require less medication, reducing the overall cost of raising the animals. With improved production and reduced mortality, Clean Water International’s controlled dosing can have a significant effect on return on investment.

Sow performance

Clean Water International’s automated nipple-fed water was tested at several stages of lactation. Sows which received controlled water supply produced pigs 0.77kg heavier than the typical weaning weight, generating a ROI of 3:1.

Tests in a farrowing room showed that sows which received the water additive produced weaned pigs which were almost six per cent heavier; additionally, weaning-to-first-service was quicker at 4.1 days vs. 5.6 days for those which had not received the water additive, with increased breeding times (75 per cent, compared with 45 per cent).

A third test demonstrated a 13 per cent increase in bodyweight in weaned pigs which received Clean Water International’s water additive via a drinker nipple. Subsequently, first service was reduced to six days (from 8.1 days among untreated pigs) and almost 90 per cent of these were successfully bred by seven days.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduced stress on the animal’s gut health at the weaning stage.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved overall animal health and welfare. Compliant with RSPCA/Red Tractor welfare standards for drinking water.
  • Accurate, controllable and traceable biocide dosing and pH control from 
day one, using modern technology and chemistry.
  • Clorious2 from Brenntag is a BPR (PT5), DWI Defra and BRC-approved biocide.
  • Neubacid SM from Brenntag is a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)-approved organic acid feed additive.
  • No other water line cleaning or descaling required.
  • Overseer telemetry providing remote control along with accurate data monitoring of water flow rates, water consumption, residual Clo2 and pH.
  • Clean Water International’s service can also include iron, manganese and nitrate removal.

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