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Poultry drinking water

Analysis of breeder, broiler and egg layer drinking water shows that even with potable mains water supplies, considerable bacterial growth starts within 24-36hrs after drinker line disinfection.

There is clear evidence that bacterial contamination starts at the drinker nipple from day one. Modern farming bird populations cause biofilms to form rapidly, and as such will contaminate all drinker lines on a farm. Control of bacteria in the drinking water supply is therefore essential from day one. In tests, Clean Water International’s Merlin Service shows less than 10 cfu/ml from day one through to depopulation.

Using Clean Water International’s service, coupled with its unique Merlin dosing and control system, your poultry drinking water becomes a controllable contributor to ensure bird health, disease control and overall animal wellbeing. All biocide and organic acid replenishment is provided as part of the service, ensuring the farm maintains 100 per cent water quality efficiency at all times.

Clean Water International’s Merlin System is the only service that provides intelligent, fail-safe sanitation of poultry drinking water.


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Key Benefits

  • Reduced bird mortality.
  • Improved feed conversion rate.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Elimination of Campylobacter and other water borne pathogens.
  • Improved animal health and welfare. Compliant with RSPCA welfare standards for drinking water.
  • Accurate, controllable and traceable biocide dosing and pH control from day one using modern technology and chemistry.
  • 100% effective control of biofilm that harbour bacteria, toxins and disease.
  • Clorious2 from Brenntag is a BPR (PT5), DWI Defra and BRC-approved biocide.
  • Neubacid SM from Brenntag is a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)-approved organic acid feed additive.
  • No other water line cleaning or descaling required.
  • Simple on/off locally mounted key switch providing full control. The Merlin can also be fully managed remotely.
  • Serviced and maintained installation with no capital outlay.
  • Fully insured service, providing extra peace-of-mind.
  • Overseer telemetry providing remote control along with accurate data monitoring of water flow rates, water consumption, residual Clo2 and pH.
  • Clorious2 from Brenntag is a BPR (PT5), DWI Defra and BRC-approved biocide. Neubacid SM from Brenntag is a Feed Materials Assurance Scheme approved organic acid feed additive.

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