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Kasdas has been developed with the latest technologies to create an automatic, noise/vibration-free, cost-effective, self-cleaning solid/liquid separation system.

Continuous opposing, rotating discs cleverly extract solid material from water and sludge, and Kasdas’ oval discs are designed to provide a high transport rate within a small footprint and low energy usage machine.

Adjustable slot width from just 0.5mm makes Kasdas a versatile and multi-functional tool that offers strong return on investment.

Kasdas’ self-cleaning functionality eliminates clogging and backwashing, thereby minimising downtime, maximising productivity and reliable performance.

Easy to install and low-cost to run, Kasdas is used in a wide range of applications including food sludge, sewage, brewery waste, chemical and pharmaceutical sludge, animal waste and many more.


Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective solid/liquid separation system for a wide range of applications.
  • Easy, self-cleaning system which eliminates clogging and backwashing.
  • Low-energy, fully automatic and high transport rate.

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