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Clean Water International’s Magnus system provides an ultra-filtration solution via a hollow fibre membrane which can filter contaminated water to an absolute pore size of 0.01 micrometre.

Forming a physical barrier to suspend solids, viruses and bacteria including cryptosporidium, giardia, polio and other waterborne pathogens, Magnus is fully enclosed to eliminate contamination risks and provide a contained, automatic backwashing routine.

With both a small footprint and low energy usage, Magnus is a ‘plug-and-go’ system that can be run off solar or wind generators for a cost-effective water filtration solution.

Additionally, Magnus can be used to purify water drawn from rivers or boreholes, creating a low-cost water supply for industrial use.


Key Benefits

  • Suspension of waterborne virus/bacteria (4-6 log removal), high molecular weight (150k Daltons), colloidal material, typically producing turbidity of <5 NTU.
  • Treatment capacity of 20-100k l/h.
  • Up to 98% recovery rate, with reduced operating costs and potential reuse of recycled water.
  • Scalable system enables extended usage over single or multiple sites.
  • Magnus system can also be used for river or borehole water purification.

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