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Midas offers a revolutionary, cost-effective approach to the disposal of sludge in a wide range of sectors.

Midas’ high performance dewatering system uses a unique system of slipping discs to extract water from sludge, without time-consuming and costly clogging or blockages.

Midas incorporates an inbuilt flocculation tank to enable polymer dosing, if required. Flocculated waste water flows over the weir and down the system’s tubes into the rotating discs. As the sludge is transferred through the system, water is driven off leaving a dry sludge cake for easy removal and disposal.

Fully automated, Midas’ one button start/stop operation can be operated remotely with no operator intervention required. Enclosed, the Midas system minimises noise and odour pollution.

With a small footprint and low energy usage, Midas offers a next generation dewatering system.


Key Benefits

  • Ultra low wash water usage (1/8 compared with belt press).
  • Ultra low power consumption (1/20 compared with centrifuge).
  • Fully automated, requiring minimal operator requirement.
  • Wide range of dewatering solutions including sludge, dairy products and oil extraction.

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