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Clean Water International’s Moses provides a small-scale, ‘plug and play’ ultra-filtration system where a quick and easy installation and application is required.

Providing clean, safe drinking water for around 10,000 people, Moses can filter up to 4m3 per hour, removing 100 per cent suspended solids and 99.9 per cent of pathogens.

Source water can be drawn from rivers, lakes, boreholes and made safe for drinking. Biocide can be added to maintain water safety after filtration for long-term storage.


Key Benefits

  • Suspension of waterborne virus/bacteria (4-6 log removal), high molecular weight (150k Daltons), colloidal material, typically producing turbidity of <5 NTU.
  • Treatment capacity of 20-100k l/h.
  • Up to 98% recovery rate, with reduced operating costs and potential reuse of recycled water.
  • Small-scale system offering a ‘plug and play’ system.
  • Moses system can also be used for river or borehole water purification.

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