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Quantum MBBR

Clean Water International’s Quantum MBBR system provides a highly effective, low-cost solution for industrial wastewater management.

Easily and quickly installed, fully automatic and mess-free, Clean Water International’s Quantum MBBR system can process 25-100m3/day in a single unit.

Fully scalable, the use of future-proof technologies and bio media enables the Quantum MBBR to rapidly and effectively deal with any effluent requirements.

Low energy use makes the Quantum MBBR a cost-effective commercial solution for wastewater management.

Quantum MBBR

Key Benefits

  • 25-100m3/day wastewater processor.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Fully automatic and mess-free.
  • Low power, low-cost wastewater solution.
  • Easily scalable system for small to large-scale use.

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